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NJR Ryan

The War at Home – A poignant tale of loss and healing

The War at Home – A poignant tale of loss and healing

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A lonely child.

A man torn from his family.

The world thought of them as enemies; they only tried to help each other.

"The War at Home" is a cozy read that stretches across a stormy North Atlantic to show how kindness can replace the wounds of war. For decades to come.

"War strikes even the most isolated communities, dividing people and bringing them together in ways no one had imagined." NJR Ryan

This poignant novelette from NJR Ryan's Cindy's Cove Series blends history with fiction to show how World War II touched outport Newfoundland and Labrador, and how enemy mariners were thought to have come ashore. And what happened when they did.

It takes a small child and a grand old Newfoundland dog to show people from both sides of the conflict what’s truly important in life.

What matters in the end is family. And love.

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