Swamped? Stressed?

Swamped? Stressed?

It's Saturday morning. Sun shining. Dog barking like crazy in the background, telling me to hurry up so we can toss a plastic ring around in the snow. Ruff, ruff. Quit typing.

A human is hovering, anxious for me to get cracking with groceries, laundry, Christmas decorations. Shovelling. Ack!

So if you're swamped, stressed to the gills, trying to do a zillion things at once: I get it.

It's time for a holiday card!

Wishing you calm and soothing breaks.

If you need a chuckle, or a moment of good cheer, feel free to think about taking 105 pounds of cavorting dog-who-thinks-she's-a-puppy for a walk on icy streets...people think I bundle up because of the cold! Hah! It's padding to protect me when I'm yanked.

For your own good selves, and as a safer option...do try one of my wee tales! Quick, cozy reads to uplift your spirits.

Or, as I said, there's always some Lab slurping and tail wagging. Sure to cheer you. Will pin you down, at any rate. Hmmm...might be a good excuse for myself today. "Sorry, can't do - fill in the blanks chore option. Am in dog training." (Except I'm the one being trained!!!)

The Cindy's Cove Series. E-stories. Now on Amazon! "The Christmas Pony" is live; "The Perfect Christmas Tree" is coming soon.

Soothing days to you.
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